Who We Are

Turn Key Fabrication is a construction company in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in prefabricated tiny homes and tiny rooms. We exclusively use high-quality materials and the most innovative construction techniques in our builds.

And that’s it- we build prefabs with the expertise only rewarded by extensive experience. Our brilliance is best shown through the ease of assembly associated with our products.

We solve big problems with simple solutions.


IWe’ve been in the construction business for a while. Over 25 years, to be exact. In that time, we’ve seen it all. We’ve dealt with everything from construction delays, problems in the transportation process, and redundant assembly practices that waste time.

Do you know what they say about doing something yourself when you want it done correctly? After so many years in the construction game, we decided to do it the right way.


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Our prefab building process begins by putting together our innovative SIP panels.

Next comes the wiring and pre-plumbing installed in our products, including our tiny rooms. This saves our buyers from living the nightmare that is trying to install wires and pipes into pre-assembled modular pieces.

After the pre-wiring is done, we add cosmetic finishes such as paint, wood siding, trimming, and other features to outfit the structure for its future environment. We cater each build to the weather, climate, and intended use of the client purchasing it.

The last piece of our building formula is our favorite- this is where we ship your new tiny house or tiny room. Your order comes to you pre-wired, pre-piped, pre-assembled, and ready to be connected and put into use, less than 24 hours from arrival.


Turn Key Fabrication isn’t your typical construction company. And not just because we specialize in the future of construction, prefabrication.

Here’s a brief overview of what makes us shine:

Our builds can be
assembled in less than
twenty-four hours.

We add plumbing and electrical
to the structure before you pre-
assemble it into modules.

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