What We Do

What We Do

Turn Key Fabrication is a construction company located in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in prefabricated tiny homes and rooms. We win by using high-quality materials in all our structures while also maintaining a mindset of solving big problems with a simple innovation.

How We Build our Prefabs

We use only the best materials and modern construction methods to meet our client’s specific needs, based on their intended use. Our prefabs are built to maximize energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, leading to an excellent return on investment. Our structures can be installed within a single day, with no prior experience or special tools required. 

SIP Paneling 

Structured Insulated Panels (SIP) are lightweight, high-performance building systems. They can be used commercially or residentially and can be customized for almost any design. The panels themselves are comprised of an insulated foam core sandwiched between two structural facings. SIP panels are constructed under factory conditions and can be used to build a home or room that is energy-efficient, airtight, and cost-effective. These features make SIP paneling an obvious partner of the tiny and modular home industry.

Turn Key Fabrication builds modular structures using proprietary Structural Insulated panels of our own make. Structural Insulated panels or SIPS as they are called are made using an insulated foam core laminated with structural facings resulting walls that far exceed required R- Values and are stronger than steel framing. Because of this our buildings are hurricane proof, could be stacked 10 high like shipping containers, and provide incredible energy savings allowing customers to apply for multiple tax credits. Our large factory allows us to assemble and erect seamless wall and roof sections up to 16×40′. Another thing we do that is unique is our wall sections can be pre-wired, plumbed, painted and finished on both sides before we install. Because of this Turn Key Fabrication is driving value by creating incredibly high performance structures without additional cost.

So why modular building or offsite construction? Some of the requests we have filled are ADU’s, backyard rooms, walk in and mobile refrigeration, cabins and small homes. One of our customers Indigo River is using our process to build Tiny Homes on wheels. Another partner of ours Braustin Homes who has a great online ordering and delivery process is on boarding our ADU’s for sales in Texas and the surrounding states. We have a design for a “roommate house” which would allow us to build a single family house that would perform like a 4 plex to help with urban infill and affordability that we hope to see in production soon. Turn Key Fabrication is looking to work with investors to create everything from affordable communities to luxury glamping and Airbnb spots.

Turn Key Tiny’s

Our signature Turn Key Tiny’s are prefabricated homes designed to be delivered and assembled within 24 hours. These prefabs are perfect for the investor seeking to put them to immediate use and for renting, host sharing, or additions to an existing property. 

The Tiny’s are also built with sustainability in mind and will function for years to come. Our innovative SIP panels reduce energy costs, increase air control, and easy maintenance. 

Another advantage of our tiny homes is that they can be fabricated in almost any design, ensuring they best serve the intended usage. We can tailor our builds to be especially resistant to fire, water, sound, tornados, or other weather conditions or natural disasters. 

Turn Key Rooms

Turn Key Rooms are prefabricated ADU rooms that can be built within 24 hours. The rooms are similar to our tiny houses in that they maintain our standards of high-quality materials and ease of installation. 

Common uses for our Turn Key Rooms include indoor patios, greenhouses, storage, wine-cellars, home gyms, cigar rooms, green rooms, yoga/art studios, or climate-controlled storage, but are only limited by the imagination of the buyer. 

We designed our Turn Key to be disassembled as quickly as they go up, giving the owner the choice of how and when to use the room. Our rooms can also be converted to a different use if needed. 

The Future is Prefabricated

In recent years, the popularity of prefab homes and rooms has exploded, and there are several builder options on the market. At Turn Key Fabrications, we stand out by using only the best materials and most modern construction techniques.

Our objective is to solve our client’s problems through innovation and integrity. For more information on our structures, SIP panels, or ourselves, send us a message.