Home Depot Tiny House – Are they worth it?

Home Depot Tiny House – Are they worth it?

With the Tiny House movement expected to grow by $3.33 billion between 2021-2025, it’s no wonder big-name companies like Home Depot are jumping on the building bandwagon.

Is buying a home kit from Home Depot safe? How are they built? Are they worth it? Let’s dive in!

Does Home Depot Sell Tiny Houses?

Yes, Home Depot sells a variety of Tiny Houses on their website now.

These homes range from a skeleton of a shed to a house kit up to 1,102.4 sq ft. Some options are made of wood, while others use a steel frame kit. Customers can go down to their local Home Depot and find some options in the parking lot and a fair amount of layouts on the company’s website.

What do Their Tiny Houses Include?

The Home Depot Tiny House options do not come with much.

The sheds that can be converted into tiny homes are, quite literally, a frame. Some have windows, a house door, and a porch, while others have only barn doors or a garage sliding door.

Another Home Depot option is a tiny house kit:

These are pre-assembled framing kits that are generally steel frames, walls, ceilings, roofs, and instructions. Once the kit is purchased, there is an option to customize it before the pre-assembly starts, including the roof pitch and any design changes within the scope of the size, purchased at no additional cost.

What do Home Depot Tiny House Kits Not Include?

The Home Depot Tiny House Kits do not include doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, or foundation. There is also no wiring, piping, drywall, flooring, cabinets, or appliances.

That means that the person buying the kit will be responsible for building the entire inside of the structure. This can create a considerable expense for the purchaser and difficulties if they’ve never done a building of this sort.

Who Else Sells Tiny Houses?

There are other companies that have also come up in the running as tiny house “builders” such as Lowes, Amazon, and plus some local farm and feed stores.

We recommend avoiding these companies as well, as they all fall into the same challenges that Home Depot Tiny Houses have. Although some kits do come with plumbing and electrical as well as windows, doors, etc. there is almost always something essential that you will need to purchase separately.

It’s important to really dig into warranty information and understand the building materials used if you decide to go this route because these ‘house kits’ don’t have everything that you need to build.

Here’s What to Consider before Buying a Tiny House from Home Depot

Look at the Materials:

  • Is the wood pressure treated?
  • Are the windows single or double pane?
  • What type of panels/insulation do they use?
  • Are the panels pre-wired for electric and plumbing or will you need to add that yourself?

Price out Interior Necessities:

  • Go into the purchase with a budget in mind.
  • Add up the materials you choose to ensure you stay within that budget.
  • There is a wide range of finishes to consider, so look through all options.

Look into Warranties and Building information:

  • It’s important to know if the Home Depot Tiny House meets any building codes for the state it will be placed.
  • Does the tiny home come with any type of warranty?
  • Are there restrictions on the warranty (i.e. a licensed professional needs to do electrical)?

How comfortable are you with Construction?:

  • Do you have the tools and skills necessary to create a tiny home and make the interior?
  • Is there a time frame in which you need it completed?

Hiring out Plumbing and Electrical:

  • It’s vital to ensure that plumbing and electrical are done correctly, or else you face costly consequences down the road.
  • You need to know how to avoid any potential leaks or fires.
  • If you plan to get the home insured (which we highly recommend), you may need to show proof of the work being done by a professional for liability reasons.
  • Homes that will be placed permanently on land will need the proper water, septic and electrical hookups.

Zoning Laws:

  • Does this building meet the zoning restrictions where the home will be placed?
  • Are there specific structures that can’t be built in that zone?

What are the general costs for build a tiny house?

Here is a general estimation of tiny house construction courtesy of FIXR.

With costs ranging from $21,500 – $61,200 you will want to understand what is included with the purchase from Home Depot (or other stores you purchase from).

Alternatives to Home Depot Tiny Homes

Home Depot Tiny Houses are an affordable option, but are they the best option?

No, these homes are built very quickly and typically not with the best materials, and the kits lack vital ingredients.

Overall, yes, Home Depot does have some very cost-effective tiny homes according to the sticker price over the price you may see from a builder. However pricing out the cost of everything you’ll need to do on your own or hire someone to do, you’ll see the average price is actually much higher when the final house is built.

Working with a Tiny Home Builder and knowing the right questions to ask is the best practice when purchasing any type of home. If buying one brand new is not an option, there are great websites that sell pre-owned tiny homes! These homes are generally still in great shape and can be more affordable.

At Turn Key Fabrication, we love getting to know our customers and customizing the tiny house of their dreams. Reach out to us today so that we can get started, and you can feel confident that professionals built the home!

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