Who We Help

Entrepreneurs and Investors

Are you looking for a rental or host share property that you can build in less than twenty-four hours using innovative technology and high-quality materials?

Our Turn Key Tiny Homes deliver precisely that! We save you all of the traditional headaches of building a tiny home, from delays caused by construction, complicated delivery, installing plumbing or electricity in sealed panels, and so much more! To find out how we can help your specific situation, send us a message.

Anyone that needs to solve the problem of ‘more space.’

Ready to add another room to your existing property? Our Turn Key Rooms are perfect for climate-controlled storage, yoga or artists studios, guest rooms, wine cellars, green rooms, or anything else you need. We construct each room with its intended use in mind and can customize anything about it in the design process.

To get a quote or inquire about a specific space, contact us.

Questions about your specific needs

Is a prefabricated Tiny Home or Tiny Room right for you? We are here to help you decide about prefabricated rooms and structures-just let us know how we can help you.